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Thursday, May 18, 2006

From the Beach to the Jungle

Today was big moving day. We left Manuel Antonio Beach and made our way to the middle of the country where we will be shooting for 5 days at Rio Danta and Rio Corinto. Both of the locations are amazing and even throw some shade onto Lord of the Rings :-) During the 5 hours bus ride we had a lot of entertainment thanks to Nikki Griffin and Marc Bacher.

Freddy Cubillo was our driver for the trip.

And of course our standard stop at the Crocodile Bridge.

Justin, Jewel, Marc, Angela and Toni fascinated by the reptiles.

Tomorrow we’ll be back on set with our own predators :-)


  • Thank you for this. Each morning I look to see if my kid's still ok. It's like going along with her but not having to deal with the snakes and crocs. Today I saw her happy face at the back of the bus. She looked like she was saying "HI MOM"

    By Anonymous Cher, at 8:55 AM  

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