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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Production – Day 4

This morning we all experienced something that we’ve never seen before.

It was raining early morning. Everyone was afraid of not seeing the sun for a while but suddenly a hole in the clouds opened and the sun showed its face. What an incredible sight in the pouring rain.

Unfortunately the day didn’t go as well as the others. Many things didn’t work out and Murphy’s Law really hit us. One of our life rafts opened too early, the tides have never been that strong and washed all the props away, the sun kept burning down (hotter than ever) and other things kept the whole crew busy. Still, even though it was a long and tiring day, we achieved a lot.

Not only the crew but many visitors of Manuel Antonio Beach got some excitement when for the first time our creatures showed up. It felt like they were marching into an arena. People stood there with their mouths open wide, I even heard some kids screaming :-) Poor stunt guys, it was already brutally hot without wearing a suit and masks.

A lot of people joined us for the stunt shot and in the end quite a crowed lined up besides the camera. Even though there is a lot of wildlife in Costa Rica. Not every day you'll witness a new kind of creature :-)

My camera caught a small glimpse of them… The picture is slightly manipulated since we don't want to spoil the surprise for you...

And as usual, here are some more pictures:

Finally a picture of Erin Tambellini our hard working Script Supervisor. I know that she has many fans at home that will be excited to see her picture. Erin is always ready to keep continuity, even in pooring rain (and poncho) :-)

The Jimmy Jib Team finally was able to put their crane in work. Aiken Weiss was operating the jib...

...while the A-Camera team was burning under the sun.

Our Best Boy Freddy Salazar. As chief electrition he'll be taking care of power and supporting Miles our gaffer. Take a close look at his eyes...

Our super raft that came a little early...

Nano Fernandez our local Sound Mixer. He loves sound and we can all see his passion on set!

Director Jorg with Jewel as Liz, ready to leave the island (in the film of course...)!

And finally I'd like to welcome Nicole Lobart to Costa Rica. Her and William Budge are the production designers of the film. Nicole had to supervise the construction of the cave in LA and just arrived yesterday to support William here in CR.

Tomorrow will be the official day off but I will definitely write another entry on Monday. So enjoy your weekend.


  • What a wonderful way to watch the progress of The Tribe. We so enjoyed seeing Erins picture. She's our girl. Keep having fun!

    By Anonymous Erins parents, at 5:51 PM  

  • Thank you for the lovely picture of my beautiful granddaughter, Erin! It's now my screen saver! I can't wait to see the finished picture! Have fun.
    Love you, Erin.

    By Anonymous Gramma Helen, at 7:41 AM  

  • I am enjoying the pics. This is from yet another auntie of Erin T's. Of course, the favorite Aunt Carole. Don't forget to get 'Kaylees' autograph for me :-)
    Auntie Carole

    By Blogger Favorite Aunt Carole, at 7:31 PM  

  • Well, it's about time to see Erin-poo on here! It's all about Erin!

    I sure enjoy this site. I'm getting all excited to see this movie. You will keep this blog going even for the after Oscar parties, right?

    It's time to hear from more uncles!

    Erin's favorite uncle,
    Uncle Glen

    By Blogger Richbourg Family, at 9:54 PM  

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