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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Production – Day 6

Not much happened today due to the weather… Unfortunately a storm was coming up so the team decided to cancel our night shoot and instead start early tomorrow again in order to catch up with missing shots.

That’s why I’d like to use the opportunity to introduce our hard working office team. While we’re shooting on the beach there are many people working behind the scenes at our production office.

Here are Monica Albonico, our Office Production Assistant and Rodrigo Rojas, our Production Coordinator. It looks like they’re having fun at work!

Monica preparing the call sheets for tomorrow.

And last but not least, Francesca Albonico, our Production Accountant. I learned that both Monica and Francesca have a Swiss passport but both of them haven’t been there. Quite a Swiss community in Costa Rica. :-)

Here are some pictures from the set:

Jorg looking through a super wide angle lens for the last shot of the film...

As usual we had some wildlife visiting us... See ya tomorrow!


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