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Friday, May 12, 2006

Production – Day 3

Today was a hot day… The sun burned down, starting already at 7:30 AM and continued for the rest of the day. Other than the almost unbearable heat, everything went smooth and the filmmakers were able to shoot what they planned.

The biggest challenge besides the heat were the tides… Every shooting day has to be scheduled according to the high/low tides and today we had a big high due to full moon. So many times we heard someone shout the word “water!” and suddenly the whole set was flooded and the camera was standing in the ocean…

The highlights of the day were:

Marc Bacher’s amazing stunt scene, trying to free a suitcase… It made Tom Cruise's impossible mission look pretty small (all of them) :-)

On the third day Jorg’s voice was finally overpowered by the loud noises of waves braking at the shore. Ergo, he got a little present that he hopefully won’t abuse… I already have nightmares “Andy!!! Andy!!! Where are you?” :-)

Again a few more impressions from the set. I’ll try to introduce some more crewmembers on our day off (that would be Sunday), so (all aunts) keep reading!

Set on the beach.

On top of the rocks I had the perfect overview of the set...

Chris Popp or Lawrence of Arabia?

Director Jorg with his talents Jewel and Justin in front of video playback...

Property Carlos holding one of the props. Hmmm, what could have happened to that umbrella?

More tomorrow, last day of this week (Sunday will be our day off!).


  • I'm really enjoying your daily documentation of the film and its cast and're doing a GREAT job!!


    By Blogger Wm's Mom, at 12:18 AM  

  • Love your blog! I check it everyday to see if I can find my niece Erin (a script supervisor) in any of the pics! By the looks of it, I'm sure she's having the time of her life!

    By Anonymous Erin's Aunt Tree, at 10:39 AM  

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