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Monday, May 15, 2006

Production – Day 5

Hmm, what happened today? A lot… As usual it was hot, hot, hot… Even hotter than the days before. Don’t know what’s going on :-)

Since it’s already midnight and I have to get up early again (also standing in the sun all day long drains your energy), I’ll dive right into the pictures:

Our Gaffer Miles telling the sun where to throw its rays :-)

That's the way to move the camera... Sebastian, our 1. Assistant Camera, found out how to do that while looking cool :-)

Director Jorg's sister Angela and her friend Toni from Germany are visiting the set. Angela already booked a part as stand in :-) Here on the picture with AD Jonathan.

Valeria, our 2nd 2nd AD (cool position... Why not 3rd... I don't know...)

Hey and I made onto the blog, too...

Nicole... No drinking on the set! :-) Actually those are all props for the movie.

Nicole on Tatoine... or the beach of Costa Rica. I know there are a lot of pictures of her on the blog and I don't know why... Maybe it's the amazing hat :-)

Sometimes hills can be cheated in films...

I'm not the only Swiss person on set. Alejandro, one of the Set PAs also carries the little red passport (even though he has never been to the coutntry...)

After a little stunt (Justin trying to make a point...) he unfortunately hurt himself. Good that we always have a medic on set!

During lunch, Jorg, Nicole and I were able to get a first look at the Alpha Male of our creatures. Wow, they are simply amazing! On the picture you see Barney and Jessica doing the last touch ups for the make up test.

And that's how the day ended... With a beautiful sunset. See you tomorrow.


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