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Friday, June 02, 2006

Lots of setups... (Production Day 19)

Another day at our aged campsite.

From far away you only see a spot of light... It makes it easy to find the set :-)

Besides the US crew, the production company hired many local "Ticos y Ticas".

Jewel as Liz discovers the secret behind the creatures.

Stundcoordinator and Movement Coach Terry with Stuntgirl Helena.

Jewel with her husband Matt.

Justin's new fashion trend. I'm not sure if it'll make it...

Mo with ATV... Everyone out of the way :-)

Who is doing the slate???

I guess the same thing that attacked our Sound Mixer Nano.

Our visitors of the day.

Daniel doubling as Jake getting gored up...

...while Helena is waiting for her stunt.

Jewel leaving the set after an effect shot...

...and Kellan coming from effects makeup for his scene.

Casey, Jared's girlfriend played a creature today. It looked great!

Helena being prepared by Nikki for a stunt as Liz.


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