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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Taking his role too serious…

What you see here is the rest of Marc Bacher’s chair that unfortunately gave in to the rules of gravity and Galileo Galilei (or maybe it was someone else). Everyone blamed his intense preparation for the role of Ira but we found out that the chairs are pretty instable, after more talents faced the same fate…

Later on the same thing happened in Make Up... Coincidence?

Marc is an amazingly talented actor that is playing the part of Ira. He has been working extremely hard towards his acting goals after moving to Los Angeles. Marc was one of the famous “Groundlings” and worked on different TV Shows. There is no dull moment around him, he was born to entertain people. I’m sure Marc is incredibly happy to be on board of this film. But not quite as happy as we are to have him :-)

Thanks Marc to make Ira become alive. You’re amazing!


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