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Friday, May 26, 2006

First Nightshoot (Production Day 13)

So, here we are back at wonderful Hotel Martino after our journey from beach to riverbed and now finally to our "backlot" location. The set is literally 1 min from my hotel room. It's awesome. And day 13 was our first night shoot. I'd lie if I said that everything went smooth but at least we didn't get rain. Nights are always very different from days because... Of course, there is no light! But later more...

Our trucks arrived on time for a lot of unpacking...

The standard equipment for tonight was a flashlight... Or also a headlight in this case.

Besides the mud, the only place we could still see the rain (from the day) was our awesome set: A 1920's explorer camp. Designed by Production Designers William and Nicole. Created by Art Director Jaime Fernandez. It simply looked amazing, I was blown away by the exact work those guys did. The inside is even more amazing, I'll post a picture later.

Here is Jaime overviewing his "babies".

And of course William and Nicole, too.

Our awesome performers for tonight: Helena as the British Explorer Myra.

Barney as Guard Hector.

And Hugo as Guard Jose.

"El Director"

Chris our DP, still happy at the moment :-)

The condor, sounds like a bird but it's actually a scissor lift with powerful lights on them.

Producer Mo with AD Jonathan... How did they grow bunny ears? Maybe Jorg can answer that...

Also some stuntshots were on the schedule. The ATV driver: Our stunt coordinator Terry with Aiken, our B-Camera operator in the back...

...chasing Helena through the jungle...

I'll be updating the other days tomorrow.


  • That's a GREAT photo of Hugo.

    And a very funny one of J and Mo.

    By Blogger Wen, at 12:40 AM  

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