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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hanging Nikki (Production Day 17)

Our cast with stunt doubles. Nikki with Helena and Kellan with Daniel.

Today really was the day of stunts. Mostly Helena and Daniel take over that part for our talents but sometimes they are needed for closeups or prefer to do their stunts themselves...

Jonathan briefing Terry, early in the morning.

Nikki and Kellan with Jared.

And there goes Nikki's stunt: Hanging upside down... And she did a great job!

And Kellan was there to support her.

Great job, Nikki!

Our Transportation Coordinator Alegxey handling the ATV.

And Jewel's first stunt: running!

And Jewel's second stunt: falling!

Look at who was visiting the set (thanks for taking that picture Aiken!)

More often we have A and B camera rolling at the same time.

Stand In can be a hard job sometimes :-)

Nano our Sound Mixer really didn't wanna get wet!

While Valeria is drying her paperwork in the microwave :-)

The day ended with a big meeting...


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