The Tribe

Thursday, June 01, 2006

80 Years later... (Production Day 18)

No, it's not Jurassic Park but The Tribe :-) This is the aged campesite to be exact: 80 years have passed since Myra spent her time exploring in her camp.

Back in 1922...

...and now in 2006.

Chris our DP and Miles the Gaffer looking at the next shot on the scissor lift.

Also William and Jaime are checking out what will be in frame.

Michael Suter, our PA from LA and Joel our Co-Producer. Michael flew in today with some film stock. It's faster than mail...

Everyday we have a local visitor on set.

Terry is supporting Fabian on our B-Unit to get the canopy ready.

Panaair, the new flying camera by Panavision :-)

Today we were shooting high up in the tree and not on the ground. Aiken, our B-Camera Operator was pulled up into the canopy with the camera to shoot down.

Kellan did his own stunts and Nikki was doubled by Helena.

And there we go...

The stress is starting to wear :-)

Manuel Antonio Beach cheated into the Jungle of La Garita.

Jewel's husband Matt joined us today. Welcome to Costa Rica.

Kellan spent quite a few hours in the tree.

Hugo is preparing one of the creature masks...

And Aiken back on the ground.


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