The Tribe

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lauren times 4

We did not only have one Lauren on set but two... or three... actually four!

But isn't Nikki Griffin the Lauren we'll all see on the big screen? That's true. Nikki is Lauren but "The Tribe" is very stunt driven. We couldn't have Nikki do all those stunts so let me introduce the 4 Laurens:

Lauren Number 1 and also the Lauren you'll see on screen: Nikki Griffin.

Lauren Number 2 who did most of the stunts: Helena Barrett.

Lauren Number 3 who did the stunts no human being was able to pull off (without getting hurt): Proteus Lauren.

Lauren Number 4 who jumped in due to Nikki's early departure: Casey, our Key Rigger Jared's girlfriend.

And that's it :-)


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