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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Beach in the Jungle (Production Day 19)

Due to rain, we lost one night at Manuel Antonio beach and instead of driving back, the production decided to bring the beach to our current location in the Martino Jungle.

The only thing missing is the ocean but sound effects will take care of that.

Justin with Jewel. It's all of the actors' last night in Costa Rica with the exception of Jewel that will continue fighting through the jungle.

Kellan enjoying the "beach" :-)

Marc and Nikki... Wait a minute... Nikki had to leave a day early so Casey put the Lauren costume on for this scene.

Mo with his birthday present: A T-Shirt from Jewel. (more later)

And that's the back.

Chris and Jonathan enjoy a beach free of visitors and tides :-)

Director Jorg with his last directions.

Justin's last Costa Rica shot.

And Kellan's last Costa Rica shot. Have a safe trip home guys!


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