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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ira's exit (Production Day 34)

Again I'd like to apologize for the big delay but I will post the last production entries within the next few days... So keep checking for the big production climax :-) Above a lonely Panaflex in the middle of the stage...

Today was Marc's big cave sequence and he did an amazing job. Don't forget, even though we're in a controlled environment, the stage is full of soil, dust and fog. But at least no mud, right Marc?

To give lights more of a direction and also give the scene a misty feel, we had a fogger on all day long.

Our PDs Nicole and William making sure that the props look right.

Electrician RJ helping to recreate the Bamboo Prison for a pick up shot. We couldn't go back to Costa Rica for that one... :-)

With a few much thinner bamboo sticks, some gaffers tape and C-Stands the illusion is complete.

What's Chris doing on Mo's lap? :-)

Our two make up artists Rebecca and Steve transforming Marc into Ira.

And today is also a wrap for Marc. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication. You are one amazing actor, Marc!

So Marc's gone but a part of his body is still with us :-) It's a replica for a specific scene, created by Barney Burman and his amazing team.

Josh also likes to stand in from time to time :-)

During lunch we open the large elephant doors to air through.

Our ACs at lunch.

And that would actually be David and me :-)


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