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Friday, June 16, 2006

Out in the sea (Production Day 28)

Jorg and Chris walking to the picture boat. Today the whole team will be shooting on the picture boat. Unfortunately there wasn't space for me on the boat, so I couldn't take any pictures. I spent the day on the support boat where we had lunch.

Our team was ready to leave...

Our boat was equipped with a pirate flag... What could that mean?

As mentioned at lunch we connected the two boats.

And everyone could eat lunch on our "pirate" boat :-)

Kellan, Justin and Jewel enjoyed their time off!

While they were shooting on the picture boat, we kept ourselves busy.

Then, the wrap... Heading back towards the sun.

Again, I'd like to end the day with an amazing sunset!


  • Hi there, just finished reading all your posts here and may I say that it seems that you guys were having a blast during the filming. I fell into a big LOL situation after the World Cup pics, I'm personaly a Brazil fan (Israel soccer team kinda sucks, so we have to find ourself other teams to cheer). Just wanted to say that I'm a big Jewel Staite fan (along with many Firefly fans here in Israel) and it was delightfull to see her having a blast.
    so good luck to Jewel and everybody else on set, I'm hoping to see the movie soon.

    with respect and apltonic love,
    Ido Cohen,

    By Anonymous Ido Cohen from Israel, at 5:26 AM  

  • That is one stunningly gorgeous sunset!

    By Anonymous Jaina, at 10:55 AM  

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