The Tribe

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day of Friends and Family (Production Day 33)

Today, Saturday is visit day. A lot of friends and family members of our crew came to visit the impressive set.

The Notary Family: Stunt Coordinator Terry and his wife Rhonda with their kids Sky and Willow.

The guy behind the guy behind the guy. Mo with friend Marcus.

Joel with his girlfriend Suzanne and her son Jeremiah.

Mo's friend Mamz who supplied us with his Rolce Royce. Thanks again!

They all came to get a glimpse of what's going on here.

Sorry, access denied... (for now)

And that's how it looks from behind.

Or from the top.

And today is a wrap for AD Jonathan. Thanks again for your hard work, we'll miss you.

Welcome to the flight 401 to "The Tribe".

And another Steadicam shot for Aiken.

And to close the day: Ashley who is leaving us tomorrow... :-(


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