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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Going deeper underground... (Production Day 31)

Welcome to Stage 1, where the magic is happening inside :-)

It's nice to end the shoot on a sound stage at a studio in Hollywood. After the super hot beach, the jungle full of surprises, the heavy rain and the rocking boat last week, it's nice to be in a controlled environment.

Josh, our 2nd 2nd welcomes you to the set...

Wow and it looks good.

So far we have only used a small part of it.

Our standins Scott and Charla.

DP Chris explaining his next shot to Producer Mo.

Steve our Additional Make-Up.

Also our lighting team is enjoying the advantages of a sound stage.

And the adventure continues for Jewel...

Our Production Designer Nicole working...

Last looks on Justin, executed by Rebecca.

Everything alright, Chris?

Art Department's David resetting the set.

Who's looking through the hole...?

Our cute Production Assistant Ashley :-)

And lots of bones for tomorrow...


  • the set just looks better and better every time i see it!

    By Anonymous Jaina, at 4:01 AM  

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