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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Aye Aye Skipper (Production Day 27)

And here we go, our first day of production in LA, home of filmmaking! And what an interesting day it was... After the jungle of Costa Rica we found ourselves on a boat today :-) Actually two boats. The picture boat with our actors (top) and the camera boat with the crew (bottom).

Early in the morning the crew is ready to leave.

A special head made it possible to cancel out the wavemovement...

No that's not Leo Di Caprio... It's Marc Bacher :-)

Then on open sea...

Jorg made it hard for Erin to see the shot :-)


Our Coordinator Miles in a little speed boat.

Producer Mo with AD Jonathan.

That's where we were hooked on during lunch... Looked like straight from WWII.

Director Jorg.

And the day ended with a beautiful sunset at the marina...


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