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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bye Marina (Production Day 30)

That's officially our last day on location. On Wednesday we'll be shooting on a sound stage for another week. And then we'll wrap already... Time flies...

Today's day started off pretty overcast.

Everyone had to be careful on the boat since it's constantly moving.

Due to the overcast sky, we had to cheat sunlight.

And that's Miles "Santa Cruz" Anderson's job :-)

Under the "eye" of Chris Popp.

Our Key Grip Mark.

Justin making sure the boat gets from A to B :-)

And that's a picture wrap for Kellan Lutz! Thanks for all your hard work and see you at the premiere :-)

Our "Tico" AD Jonathan with UPM Rob.

Wow, what a nice dinner...

And lots of fun for Jewel.

And that's also a picture wrap for Nikki Griffin. Also thanks to you and see you at the premiere!

Aiken our B-Camera Operator joined us again.

2nd 2nd AD Josh.

2nd AD Del with Rob.

And to wrap the Day: Katrin, our LA Wardrobe Assistant.


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