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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another 3 Act Day - Act 1-The Cave

Today's day can be broken down into three acts again. Cave, Marina and Meeting are part of today's LA tech scout. So let's start with Act 1: The Cave.

Since it is pretty much impossible to shoot inside real caves, we built them, the way we wanted them :-) And doesn't it simply look awesome?

Designed by William and Nicole, our Production Designers...

...and built by Daniel Pemberton, who already built the Pirate's Ship in the Goonies, Edward Scissorhand's castle and the visitor's center in Jurrassic Park. We're so proud to have him on board!

Nicole demonstrated us how Liz will enter the cave.

It's pretty much built, now it's Chris' and Miles' job to get some light in it.

Hello? Who's looking up?

Good view?

The first meeting inside the cave.

Jorg explaining what he wants.


  • the set looks stunning. no other words for it.

    By Anonymous Jaina, at 1:15 PM  

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