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Monday, May 22, 2006

Production - Day 10

Today was the day of fog... and some other things :-)

In order to keep the fog going it first has to be contained. Not easy in an exterior location.

Then a few silks are added to light the fog.

And then of course the fog. It looked like the forest was burning...

But where did the fog come from? Right here... Those things are loud but fog everything in within seconds.

Lil' Nikki :-)

Today we also used some lights.

And something else was shining in the fog: Our Jewel :-)

And here comes the blogmaster :-)

Besides fog we had to fight with some rain. Pretty much all day long...

Director Jorg explaining the shot.

Our Make Up team: Rebecca and Nikki.

What's that behind Jewel?

Towards the end of the shooting day, Marc Bacher got to fire a gun (of course not a real one... but still damn loud!)

Then Marc had his big scene that blew everyone away!!! Awesome job, Marc!


  • Thanks for that. Must say she looks pretty safe and happy. Who's the umbrella holder? Is that you below her? Pretty cute! Methinks you're in love with Nikki. You have some breathtaking shots. Almost wish I was there but my snake phobia won't allow.

    By Anonymous Cher Staite, at 8:09 AM  

  • No Problem, Cher! And thanks for the compliment :-) The umbrella holder is Oscar, one of our hard working PAs.

    I won't answer to the Nikki comment, we don't wanna spread any rumors :-) No snakes so far so you're welcome to visit! Although, I'm sure the weather up north must be great right now... It's pretty rainy here...

    By Anonymous Andy @ The Tribe, at 8:08 PM  

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