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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Saved by the tarp (Production Day 23)

Just in case it should rain (the weather report promised good weather), our crew put up a tarp over our location. The evening started dry but soon enough the tarp became useful. Not only useful but necessary. Without it we would have had to wrap for the night. It rained continuously without a break until early in the morning...

What a location! We call it the bamboo prison.

And it looks pretty scary at night.

Our crew enjoyed to be covered for one night and not to have to stand in the pouring rain.

Also Jorg enjoyed being dry.

Our stunt and rigging team had to wait for their turn.

June 6th 2006 thats 06.06.06. Freaky...

And here's Terry Notary, Senior.

Our three hardworking PAs: Oscar, Flo and Alejandro.

Jewel getting ready for her stunt.

Nikki is teaching her what to do :-)

Lunchtime: Director Jorg explains to Jewel and Matt what we'll shoot for the rest of the night.

Producer Mo happy about the shoot.

Olga takes care of Craft Services for our shoot. The company is called "Changarro". Add a .com and you'll see their newspaper :-)

Hang in there Jewel only a couple of more nights :-)

Here comes Helena Croft... I mean Barrett :-) She's Jewel's stunt double.

Flo and Freddy having fun on set.

Our "Stand In" Helena at 4 in the morning :-)

And that's a wrap, also for Charlies Angels :-)


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