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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The three act day

Today's story will be told in three acts: Worries, solutions and the move to the beach.

Let’s start with act 1, worries…

Most of the time shooting a film is so much fun but there are the days, things just don’t seem to work out. Today was the final day of tech scouting at our main location in La Garita. It was also the day our creative heads were forced to let go of certain places they really wanted to shoot at. So a lot of scouting and previsualization work, done by all the creative heads, was crushed in moments. Certain things were simply not possible because of logistics, time or budget limits. Then again that’s part of the business. On every film, the makers wanted more but had to face the limit at some point…

Enough of negative content for today, let's move on to act 2. To every problem or worry is a…? Anyone? Solution, of course. So instead of breaking their heads in an office (where most of the people brainstorm) our crew was able to do that in the beautiful jungle. And after a few compromises and each other’s inspiration, everything could be solved. (Let's not talk about the weather... But that would be going back to act 1 :-))

Third and last act, our move to Manuel Antonio. Around 4 PM we boarded the bus to our next location where we will be shooting and staying at for the next 12 days. The wonderful hotel Byblos will be our base camp and my alarm clock is set to 6.30 AM in order to continue our tech scout at the beach tomorrow morning.

The End.


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