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Monday, May 01, 2006

Rig me up, Scotty!

Jared Eddo (left) and his team are responsible to get all the wires going that will later on be digitally removed from the film. Wow, a lot of work to simply take them out again… So why even put them there?

Those rigs not only make it possible for our creatures to jump amazing distances but also our actors to be thrown around or hung up a tree. At the same time they serve as safety since they can control a performers landing/fall. Equipped with machete, bow and arrow, many (I mean loads of) ropes and everything else that excites the climber’s heart the guys spend hours to put up the rigs. Then they pull the right ropes to make the creatures jump…

And by the way, we do have a Scott(y) in the team :-) Scott Cosgrove is the one hanging in the tree on the picture… and also caries the coolest nickname: Silver Fox. Him, Douglass Snivley (top right) and Terry Notary Sr. make Jared’s team complete.


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