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Friday, April 28, 2006

Raindrops keep falling on my DP

It can’t rain all the time but… let’s say pretty often :-) I mean, we are in the rainforest, it’s pretty obvious. A little rain won’t destroy Director of Photography Christopher Popp’s day. He is equipped with the right anti hydro gear or simply umbrella.

Chris was born in Germany and worked in Television for many years until he followed his dream to study cinematography in the United States. A wise move! Chris already won the ASC Award for Best Cinematography right after graduation from the famous AFI Conservatory. Then he photographed the Hindu epic “Lakshya” what kept him in India for almost 150 shooting days. Later on, he even received the Indian equivalent of the Academy Award for his outstanding work.

Everyone is extremely happy to have Chris on board. Not only for his amazing talent and work ethic but also his unbeatable humor. Chris, you’re the best!


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