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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Camera Marathon

DP Chris Popp’s first production duty is to make a camera test where he under and overexposes film stock to check it’s contrast and latitude. All the windows of the test room had to be blacked out that no daylight strikes onto the test subject (in our case Chris himself). Different exposure of film stocks can change the contrast or push certain colors in the end product. Usually film types have all different names or numbers and believe me, it can get pretty confusing...

Alright now it’s getting technical, with my first lesson in Cinematography: Chris is mainly shooting Kodak 5218 film where the 52 indicates 35mm stock, the 18 defines the type of stock, in our case 500 ASA (light sensitivity) tungsten balanced (3200º K color temperature) Vision 2 (higher resolution, low grain) film. Still with me? Don’t worry, that’s actually none of our concern, we’ll leave that to our DP. All we have to do is enjoy Chris Popp’s amazing cinematography at the theater while enjoying movie butter covered popcorn :-)

Sebastian, our 1st Assistant Camera is keeping track of every shot by writing notes onto the camera report and marking the white board. Today, he’s also the one running the camera since Chris is in the shot. Now the test is going to the lab and Chris will use them as a reference for the jungle shoot.


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