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Saturday, April 29, 2006

All paths lead to Rome…

That’s at least what people say… And it felt like our taxi driver was looking for Rome instead of Alajuela.

Gabriel, Mo’s assistant explained him in Spanish how to get back to our hotel. It was only William and myself that participated in the adventure ride called “How the *@#$ do we get back?” Well, it started pretty smoothly. It felt like we were going into the right direction but… Soon he took a turn (into a one way street) up the hill and we both knew that couldn’t be right.

With our combined 3 word Spanish vocabulary (4 if you count “Dos Pinos”, the local dairy company and not including curse words) we tried to explain him where we needed to go. Suddenly the driver pulled into a car cemetery (at 2 AM!) and honked/whistled. William and I were just looking at each other with a “What is he doing?” expression on our faces. It would be a lie to say that we weren’t worried for a few seconds inside that perfect “Horror” movie location…
Before he got out of the car, we convinced him to turn around and get back to the main road. Once there, he saw another taxi ahead of us. Immediately he started flashing the lights and honking like crazy until the other taxi stopped (in the middle of the street of course). After exchange of information the ride continued but only a minute later, the driver pulled over and got out of the car. Again, William and I didn’t know what was going on…

Finally the other cab drove in front of us and guided us back to the hotel. What a ride! Thank you again, driver, he really did everything to get us back and was really nice. It was the first time he entered that part of town :-)


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