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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rollercoaster 'Costa Rica-Style'

My birthday present from Jorg was a Canopy Tour, something I always dreamed of doing since watching “The Medicine Man” in my childhood. I joined Dorian, Dan and Helena, our stunt performers who will play the creatures in the film. Helena will also play a character in the opening scene of the film.

What is a canopy tour? Explained in a few words: Everyone is put into a harness, gets equipped with a helmet then hooked up to a steal wire and the rollercoaster starts from tree to tree through the impressive canopy. Don’t forge to sign the liability waiver, though :-)

Here is Dan taking off into the unknown…

And Dorian arriving on a 140 meter long cable.

In the middle of the tour was the so called “Tarzan Swing”. One of the biggest swings I’ve ever seen. Our guides hooked us up and gave us a good swing out into the green. Here they are with Helena.

The picture that Dan took of me really describes the amazing feeling it was. Don’t look at it for too long.

Is this Spiderman or Tarzan?

Then a few more cables with the last 250m ride.

We had so much fun! Thanks again for an amazing experience. So everyone on vacation down here go to “The San Lorenzo Canopy Tour” :-)


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