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Monday, May 08, 2006

The big one

One last big production meeting before the shoot was on today’s schedule and it really was “the big one”. AD Jonathan led the whole crew through every scene of the script where all the departments were able to give their input from a technical point of view. That’s the way to figure out if everybody is ready and understands Jorg’s vision.

The meeting lasted for exactly 3 hours 54 minutes and 40 seconds with a little 5 minute break in between. At the same time it started and stopped raining 3 times, about 20 monkeys crossed the rope that connects the hotel canopy with the outside and I drank 5 cups of soda plus one cup of water (it was an extremely hot day). But please don’t think that I didn’t pay attention :-)

But seriously, it was one of the most important meetings and it helped everyone on the crew to understand what’s going on in each scene. With that, I’d like to finish today’s blog entry. Only one more day…


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