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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Beach

It's a hot day (and that already at 7 in the AM). And another location gets the “tech scout”, where the director and the DP present their shots to all the department heads (lighting, production design, props, electric…) to look at them from a technical point of view. Also to help the assistant director to schedule all the production days.

Even though this process is rough and it seems to never end, everyone is on it… And some people even have fun :-) (like AD Jonathan with DP Chris) At the same time it is also a relieve for the Jorg and Chris since every shot now gets locked and the film completely comes together.

Of course there are many intermezzos to watch the little monkeys stealing food from the innocent beach guests. These monkeys are unbelievable. Nature gave them a natural mean look what doesn’t fit at all at the first look. “There so cute!” you here from everywhere but once they start stealing your food and even fight for it, the face suddenly gets a complete different meaning.

It was a long but successful day. With a few exceptions, everything was solved and with every day that passes, everyone gets more ready to shoot this thing. The excitement but also stress of the close start date is definitely present. Tomorrow we will finally welcome our cast members. So check back for my talent-welcome-blog-entry.


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