The Tribe

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Tribe inside a box

What? I thought that everything in connection with the film comes from outside the famous box… True, but when Director Jorg and DP Chris sit down to storyboard, every shot has to be put inside the box. To be accurate a box that has the aspect ratio of 1:2.35 also knows as cinemascope. A wonderful format that supported so many movies in the history of filmmaking.

This is not an easy task that kept the two awake for many nights during many weeks. Jorg explains Chris what he needs from every shot in the film/how he wants to tell the story then Chris brings in his visual expertise so they can find the most unique and interesting shots possible. Both of them are very strong visually and most of the time their ideas completely match.

Today is a big day, all 600 shots are storyboarded and ready to be shot.


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