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Monday, April 17, 2006

Des Kaisers neue Kleider

No this is not about Hans Christian Anderson's German fairytale but I though the title was fitting...

Talking about fitting... Today was time for some fashion. The goal to give all characters the right look and of course style for the film. Swinda Reichelt, our costume designer welcomed all the members of the cast to her amazing looking Studio in Venice, CA and presented her choices and creations to Director Jorg Ihle.

Of course Marc Bacher enjoyed this "show". His character Ira, a newly rich that had been treated bad all his life is finally able to show off with his hot girlfriend Lauren and of course the "Bling".

Swinda enjoyed every minute thanks to Marc's never ending humor.

Nikki Griffin that most of you know from the success show "The O.C." was also part of the fitting and will shine in the film with the latest fashion. She will be playing the part of Lauren, Ira's girlfriend.

Why is Lauren with Ira? According to Marc: because of Ira's amazing look :-)

Jorg was very happy with Swinda's hard work and was able to see his film coming together (costumewise).

Only one more day and one more meeting and I'll be on the way to Costa Rica. As Jorg's assistant I'm sent to the location earlier to prepare everything. One more day and so much to do... Getting shots (there are all kinds of bugs you can pick up: Malaria, Hepatitis A,B,C,D... , Jungle Fever, Typhus, Leptospirosis,... don't let the doctor scare you), getting the right outfit for the jungle and of course most importantly "the mighty mosquito repellant"...

Tomorrow, the last production meeting before our relocation... Check back!


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