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Monday, April 10, 2006

Jungle or Sound Stage?

Not only creatures have to be designed but also the place they live in... A cave system in the middle of the jungle.

It sounds easy, let's just find a cave in Costa Rica and shoot everything there. Well, unfortunately it's not that simple. How can you put lights inside that cave? How can you get the camera and crew in there? What about safety for everyone? And that's where William Budge and Nicole Lobart enter the game. They are what could be called the cave's architects.

First they draw out their ideas into so called "concept art" (doesn't it look gorgeous?). Then they meet up with Jorg Ihle, The Tribe's director, who has to visualize the story inside the suggested grid. Also Chris Popp, the production's Director of Photography, is consulted. And finally of course check with Mo Ramchandani, the producer, if there are the financial means to create their vision.

I'm happy to say that their vision will be coming true. Construction is set to begin in a couple of weeks inside a huge sound stage in Los Angeles where the whole "Tribe" team will shoot the last scenes of the film after returning from Costa Rica. Way to go Nicole and William! Besides the cave there are many other places that have to be designed or dressed... That will keep the two busy until our departure for Costa Rica.


  • You have a VERY capable design team there!! I've known William and Nicole for quite awhile now and in my own "unbiased" opinion think you've signed on the BEST!!!

    By Blogger Wm's Mom, at 1:03 AM  

  • Thanks, "wm's mom".
    You are right, it's a pleasure to work with both of them! William is on location with us right now and we're hoping to welcome Nicole to CR soon. She's working hard in LA to get everything going there...

    By Blogger The Tribe, at 2:56 PM  

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