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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A day of freedom and friends

Today was my official day off since the rest of the crew arrived late at night. My plans were to sit at the pool, read some good literature (scripts :-)), listen to music on my iPod and do nothing. But then I got an offer, I just couldn’t refuse…

Even though I was only in Costa Rica for a few hours I was already able to meet some amazing people, actually two families from Orange County that spend two nights at the same resort. After running into each other already at the airport, we immediately became friends, and by the end of their stay I almost became part of their family. So I spent my free time with them and in the afternoon we all went exploring to the nearby waterfalls. You see them on the picture standing on the bridge: Brad, Suzanne, Devin, Blake, Patti and Val.

Nature is simply amazing here in Costa Rica. It feels like everything has been untouched by men. Since it was a holyday, everyone else up there were locals having picnics at the falls and we all really felt like “Gringos”. No one spoke English and we didn’t speak Spanish… Thank god for good old sign language. :-)

It really was an adventure and thanks again guys for everything, I had such a good time. You all are awesome! I hope the rest of your vacation was as much fun as this day.


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