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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What a Team!

Producer Mo Ramchandani with Director of Photography Christopher Popp.

Even though they like to tease each other and Mo manages to get Chris’ blood boiling from time to time, they are one amazing team. Both of them know, in their own category, how to make this film brilliant.

Mo developed and wrote the “Tribe” script with Director Jorg Ihle. They both own the LA based production company “Avatar Entertainment” with many future projects in the pipeline. One of them called "Cold Fear" (based on a computer game) in development.

Chris Popp is one of the most talented DPs the world has to offer. He brilliantly photographed “Lakshya” where he captured the beauty of India for almost 150 days of production. His work was so outstanding that he won the Indian Academy Award for Cinematography as the first foreign person.


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