The Tribe

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well, I’m out!

I never really introduced myself… My name is Andy Attenhofer and besides having a fun time blogging, I’m Jorg’s personal assistant. I’m also shooting a documentary on The Tribe mainly covering Mo’s and Jorg’s journey of making this feature. So a “making of…” only a little different.

And today is my last day in Los Angeles, at least for the next two months. We all are leaving for Costa Rica to shoot 80% of the film in the jungle on location. We will return in June to shoot the remaining 20% on a marina and sound stage. In two days our official CR pre-production will start until principal photography, set to begin on May 9th. That's also gonna be the time where the whole cast will join us…

So, adios y véale en Costa Rica!


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