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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Planet of the Creatures...

Since the rainforest reaches right down to the beach, many animal visitors from the jungle introduced themselves.

First we met the closest ones to our human race: monkeys. Wow they were fierce and bold! A few girls had to learn it the hard way. Quietly a few monkeys approached their bags while swimming. The girls realized it but too late. While one of the monkeys already grabbed a pack of coconut cookies (wrapped in plastic) the other monkey kept on fighting with the girls for the bag…

Later on, they ate the cookies, one by one sitting on the tree…

Also a nice Iguana paid us a visit. It somehow smelled the fruit in our cooler and wooooosh, was it already sitting on it. Even our threats didn’t really make it move. “This is my territory!”

On the way home we also met some crocodiles… Good that we were on a bridge quite in safety :-)


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