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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dude, where should I shoot this?

One word: Location scouting… Only a few are being served on a silver plate but most of them you simply have to go there and find something to match the image in your head. In our case it’s jungle, jungle and some more jungle :-)

I realized that my retina already has a green tint… No actually it’s a lot of fun. Almost like playing Indiana Jones. Every scout comes with an adventure and I’ll soon post more about it. But for the beginning a few amazing jungle pictures... Costa Rica is one amazing country! And we all are grateful to be able to shoot here, at earth’s paradise.

We are leaving for another 3 day scout tomorrow to a place without the hub to the world or also called internet. So, I will update the blog once I get back on Tuesday.

Enjoy your time off from reading :-)


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