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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mud, muddier, muddiest? (Production Day 24)

If yesterday was the day of the rain/tarp then today has to be the day of the mud. Due to heavy rainfalls the freshly planted grass by our art department evolved itself into one big mudslide or brown ice field.

Welcome to the mud set surrounded by bamboo.

The motion blurr is actually helena flying.

And a third camera joined our production today for highspeed photography.

Hmmm, what could Jewel be scared of?

Nikki with Helena as explorer Myra.

The Thing?

It's Matt's last day of visit. Have a safe trip home!

Jessica was voted the set hottie of the week :-)

Malalo thinking about how the mud affects her wardrope department :-)

Jewel: "Firefly fans where are you? Come and save me!" :-)

Jorg's new commanding method.

Matt helps afters Jewel's wrap. Good husband :-)


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