The Tribe

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wrap Party

Well, that's it, folks... It's a picture wrap for "The Tribe". And of course it's time for a party! What would be a better place than our cave system to have a cool party :-)

Aiken unplugged :-) With Helena and Rebecca in the back.

And more party guest arrive, including our First AD Jonathan and Chris, our DP.

And it was Josh's B-Day. Happy Birthday!

Andrea (with wig) and Jorg :-)

Our PDs Nicole and William, also joining the party.

And here's Jessica, our editor (left). Her job actually just really started :-) She'll be editing for the next months.

Besides Marc (who the camera couldn't find), only Kellan from all the cast members joined the party. He brought some friends.

Production Coordinator Michael with his girlfriend.

And in the end of the night, a group shot: Jonathan, Susanne, Joel, Andrea and myself.

It was a great experience, lots of fun and I will miss you all!


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