The Tribe

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Taking his role too serious…

What you see here is the rest of Marc Bacher’s chair that unfortunately gave in to the rules of gravity and Galileo Galilei (or maybe it was someone else). Everyone blamed his intense preparation for the role of Ira but we found out that the chairs are pretty instable, after more talents faced the same fate…

Later on the same thing happened in Make Up... Coincidence?

Marc is an amazingly talented actor that is playing the part of Ira. He has been working extremely hard towards his acting goals after moving to Los Angeles. Marc was one of the famous “Groundlings” and worked on different TV Shows. There is no dull moment around him, he was born to entertain people. I’m sure Marc is incredibly happy to be on board of this film. But not quite as happy as we are to have him :-)

Thanks Marc to make Ira become alive. You’re amazing!

Hanging Nikki (Production Day 17)

Our cast with stunt doubles. Nikki with Helena and Kellan with Daniel.

Today really was the day of stunts. Mostly Helena and Daniel take over that part for our talents but sometimes they are needed for closeups or prefer to do their stunts themselves...

Jonathan briefing Terry, early in the morning.

Nikki and Kellan with Jared.

And there goes Nikki's stunt: Hanging upside down... And she did a great job!

And Kellan was there to support her.

Great job, Nikki!

Our Transportation Coordinator Alegxey handling the ATV.

And Jewel's first stunt: running!

And Jewel's second stunt: falling!

Look at who was visiting the set (thanks for taking that picture Aiken!)

More often we have A and B camera rolling at the same time.

Stand In can be a hard job sometimes :-)

Nano our Sound Mixer really didn't wanna get wet!

While Valeria is drying her paperwork in the microwave :-)

The day ended with a big meeting...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Martino Jungle (Production Day 16)

Another day at the Martino Jungle on our "backlot".

Here are Marc and Nikki... Wait a minute. That's actually her stunt double Helena :-)

Helena has to do most of the hanging or being pulled in the air...

Thanks to the Jimmy Jib, we'll have some shots looking straight down.

Douglas, one of our Riggers had the honor of playing "creature-leaping-through-trees-making-leaves-fall"

Two Kellans? Actually...

... Kellan Number 2 is Daniel Case Number 1. He's one of our Stunt Performers and also Kellan's double.

A lot of stunts Kellan actually likes to do himself.

During the break, our filmmakers like to cuddle with the cast :-)

Protection against the rain?

Justin and Jorg having fun on set :-)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Stunts and more... (Production Day 15)

Kellan discovered how much fun stunts can be...

Everyday our hard working art department dresses each set location. So every plant in the jungle is nicely placed :-)

Our wardrobe team: Maria and her new assistant Victor.

Jewel has a lot of fun :-)

And Nano, our sound mixer is always listening...

Also Nikki delivered her amazing first stunt.

"Only one more take..."

Welcome back to Costa Rica, Justin!

And Kellan had to fall a couple of times... It looked amazing!

Rebecca and Nikki during a break :-)

Our riggers pulling the line!

"Gunwrangler" Jared.

Terry preparing Marc for the gun.

Our hardworking Art Department. Jaime, Nicole and William.

Best Boy Freddy.

And towards the end of the day, Script Supervisor Erin informs Director Jorg about the missing shots...