The Tribe

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wrap Party

Well, that's it, folks... It's a picture wrap for "The Tribe". And of course it's time for a party! What would be a better place than our cave system to have a cool party :-)

Aiken unplugged :-) With Helena and Rebecca in the back.

And more party guest arrive, including our First AD Jonathan and Chris, our DP.

And it was Josh's B-Day. Happy Birthday!

Andrea (with wig) and Jorg :-)

Our PDs Nicole and William, also joining the party.

And here's Jessica, our editor (left). Her job actually just really started :-) She'll be editing for the next months.

Besides Marc (who the camera couldn't find), only Kellan from all the cast members joined the party. He brought some friends.

Production Coordinator Michael with his girlfriend.

And in the end of the night, a group shot: Jonathan, Susanne, Joel, Andrea and myself.

It was a great experience, lots of fun and I will miss you all!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That's a Picture Wrap! (Production Day 36)

Last day of shooting... We finally reached the day after months of preproduction in LA and Costa Rica. Then a little more than a month of principal photography in Central America and another 3 weeks of shooting in LA... Today really is the last day.

So we featured some more stars of the film: Trained rats. Aren't they cute?

Still, I don't think Jewel was that confortable in the middle of them: About 20 rats around her feet.

Thank you also LA crew for working hard!

And also a thank you to Jewel who ran through the jungle, was dragged through the mud and fought her way through the misty cave and its critters :-)

Even though this is the last day, it's not over for Jorg quite yet. Him and Mo will enter post-production where they'll work closely with Jessica our Editor for the next months.

And the last of our ADs to introduce: Katie.

The fogger was present, too.

And one of the last shots...

Besides animals we also had some pyrotechnics today.

Jewel firing a flare gun.

And that's a picture wrap for the Tribe. William and Erin after a long day.

And of course that's also a wrap for Terry our amazing Stunt Coordinator and "Main Creature"!

And a wrap for Jewel and her stunt double Helena!

For Co-Producer Joel it will continue in Post. Here he is with his girlfriend Susanne.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is officially my last Production entry. I will be covering the post production process, too. Check back for updates, more pictures and hopefully soon a trailer.

Thanks again to everyone for reading my production diary and stay tuned for more,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Critters of the Cinema (Production Day 35)

And here we are, Day 35 on the stage...

And already early in the morning Aiken had to run with his steadicam.

Jorg is making sure that everything is setup in the cave. Also the critters...

Today it's a snake, or two...

And back to one, Snake! We need another take.

Snake meet Rebecca and Steve, our make up artists.

Mo is calming Jewel about the critters :-)

Rebecca getting Jewel ready for the shot.

Besides snakes, today involved climbing.

Chris overviewing the set...

A great scene in the film! And that's it for today. More critters tomorrow!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ira's exit (Production Day 34)

Again I'd like to apologize for the big delay but I will post the last production entries within the next few days... So keep checking for the big production climax :-) Above a lonely Panaflex in the middle of the stage...

Today was Marc's big cave sequence and he did an amazing job. Don't forget, even though we're in a controlled environment, the stage is full of soil, dust and fog. But at least no mud, right Marc?

To give lights more of a direction and also give the scene a misty feel, we had a fogger on all day long.

Our PDs Nicole and William making sure that the props look right.

Electrician RJ helping to recreate the Bamboo Prison for a pick up shot. We couldn't go back to Costa Rica for that one... :-)

With a few much thinner bamboo sticks, some gaffers tape and C-Stands the illusion is complete.

What's Chris doing on Mo's lap? :-)

Our two make up artists Rebecca and Steve transforming Marc into Ira.

And today is also a wrap for Marc. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication. You are one amazing actor, Marc!

So Marc's gone but a part of his body is still with us :-) It's a replica for a specific scene, created by Barney Burman and his amazing team.

Josh also likes to stand in from time to time :-)

During lunch we open the large elephant doors to air through.

Our ACs at lunch.

And that would actually be David and me :-)