The Tribe

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Great News

Well you may have been looking for some information about the new film "The Tribe" and all you can find is an empty blog... There is a reason for this, so please continue reading :-)

I'll start with the good news: The Tribe will be coming to US theaters, nationwide. This is all the information I can give you for now.

Followed by the bad news: The distributor asked me to take off any and all information about the film until it's official release. This is a marketing decision that I completely respect. Like everyone working on "The Tribe", I want the film to be as successful as possible. Instead of the blog, I will be concentrating on the Behind-The-Scenes Documentary during this year that will hopefully be on the DVD, once released.

And last but not least, the great news: I had the chance to look at a few scenes of the film during my stay in the US and guys you can look forward to something. The film looks simply amazing! Chris would call it "mindblasting". With the additional scenes, shots and effects that were put in, we don't simply have a movie but a blockbuster.

So stay tuned, keep the link bookmarked and once the release comes closer you may find some information on this page again. For now I'd like to thank everyone reading my blog and have a great time.


I'll leave the comments feature active for the time being.